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Baby Japanese Lover Boy Gets Rejected
October 31, 2006, 4:55 am
Filed under: Cute

little japanese boy rejected.  Kids do the darndest things.  This video is filed under Cute Kid Videos.  This young, sweet Japanese heart-breaker has the cool job of presenting girls with flowers after their successful piano performances.  He scores well with a few of the chicks,  But one cute sweetie rejects his niceness.  Watch what happens after that.  Very cute video clip.  See this cute Japanese boy gets rejected clip here.


Cute Baby Quadruplets Laughing With Mom
October 31, 2006, 4:46 am
Filed under: Cute

laughing baby quadruplets  Oh gosh……………..  this has to be one of the cutest videos (filed under Cute Video Clips) I have ever seen.  These cute baby quadruplets laughing their little buns off.  It starts with daddy laughing, then mommy joins in, then all 4 of the sweet little cute baby boys join in.  And the laughing doesn’t stop for a good 5 minutes.  This is a premier cute kid video clip.

Cute Animal Video Clips
October 31, 2006, 4:42 am
Filed under: Cute

Funny Dogs  Check out this great cute animals video.  Cute dogs doing what cute canines do.