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VideoFarts Now Available in Different Languages!
December 10, 2006, 6:14 pm
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It’s not completely bug-free, but is now available in multiple languages.   The best part is that the tool I am using (Nothing2Hide-Translator plugin for WordPress), culls Google Translator for all the translation.

That means that even though it sucks now, it will eventually get better as Google works on it.

Here is the of the different language versions of Videofarts:

Enjoy!  I’m glad that I could now provide this site to more national-language speakers.  Democratize the net!  The StomperNet that is………………


Rocio Guirao Diaz – Argentine Supermodel
November 2, 2006, 3:07 am
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rocio guirao diaz  Goodness gracious!  It’s a nice clip of this Argentine Super Princess Rocio Diaz.  You have to check out this awesome butt video, and once that gets you interested, see Rocio Guirao Diaz Video Clip of her messing around in her apartment, and heading off to the beach with her friends.

Crazy German Bungee Jumper
October 31, 2006, 5:12 am
Filed under: Extreme Video Clips

german bungee jumper cuts rope at bottom of descent Check out this clips of this crazy German extreme dude.  He takes a jump from a really high platform, extends all the way to the bottom, and then cuts his cord.  See if goes kersplat, or see if he makes it and gets laid by a hot babe after the show. Very extreme video clip.  Check out the crazy bungee jumper clip here.

Gay Soccer Referee (FUTBOL for you Brits)
October 31, 2006, 5:08 am
Filed under: Funny Commercials

gay soccer referee Check out this fancy prancing gay soccer (futbol) referee video.  This video is filed under Funny Commercials Clips.  This little dancing fairy ref steals the show away from the soccer stars.  Check out his reverse prance………it’s even funnier then his forward prance.  Geez…….  I can’t tell if they guy is joking or not.

White Boy Wins Dunk Competition
October 31, 2006, 5:04 am
Filed under: Sports

best white boy dunker  Amazing, but true, some white men CAN jump.  This video filed under Basketball Video Clips.  Check out the hops on this Wigga.  I’m sure you wouldn’t expect the outcome of this basketball dunk competition.  The athletic ability and style of this guy is amazing.  Check out this white boy dunk video now.

Baby Japanese Lover Boy Gets Rejected
October 31, 2006, 4:55 am
Filed under: Cute

little japanese boy rejected.  Kids do the darndest things.  This video is filed under Cute Kid Videos.  This young, sweet Japanese heart-breaker has the cool job of presenting girls with flowers after their successful piano performances.  He scores well with a few of the chicks,  But one cute sweetie rejects his niceness.  Watch what happens after that.  Very cute video clip.  See this cute Japanese boy gets rejected clip here.

Cute Baby Quadruplets Laughing With Mom
October 31, 2006, 4:46 am
Filed under: Cute

laughing baby quadruplets  Oh gosh……………..  this has to be one of the cutest videos (filed under Cute Video Clips) I have ever seen.  These cute baby quadruplets laughing their little buns off.  It starts with daddy laughing, then mommy joins in, then all 4 of the sweet little cute baby boys join in.  And the laughing doesn’t stop for a good 5 minutes.  This is a premier cute kid video clip.